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Competitions & Segments

Don’t Get Dan Started

Dan is getting angry…he just doesn’t know why yet! At 6:45 weekdays Dan will be given thirty seconds to rant an rave about a subject he’s given on the spot – no matter what the topic!

Got something you’d like to get off your chest? Let us know on the Zoo FM Facebook Page www.facebook.com/927zoofm/

Radio Scattergories

The easiest game in the Central West – well – until you play it!

At 8:40am every weekday we’ll give you 1 letter, 10 categories and 60 seconds, and the chance to be a champion! Get 10/10 and you’ll score yourself a $50 fuel voucher.

Story Time

Dan’s singing a song, but he doesn’t know the words…so he’s using passages from random books! Guess the song and artist at 7:10am weekdays, and you could score yourself five free coffees to Russo’s Coffee Bar.

The Not-So-Great Debate

What’s cuter, cat videos or baby videos? Does tomato sauce belong in the fridge or pantry? Who would win a fight between Spider Man and Batman? Join Dan and Julz at 7:45am weekdays to debate the big issues in life. Tell us who wins on 6884 8499!

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I’ve always loved radio and if you look at the statistics the support is only getting stronger. You get to choose the station that has all your favourite music and presenters that you can call mate. I’ve got fond memories of joining in with games, competitions and creating my own podcasts before podcasting was a thing. The highl.. read more

Story Time
Dan’s singing a song, but he doesn’t know the words…so he’s using passa.. read more

Dubbo Parkinson's Support Group
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